Board Of Advisors

Biswajeet Mukherjee

CEO of Radcliffe School Education Ltd

CEO of Radcliffe School Education Ltd, Ex-CEO-Pathfinder Education, Former Managing Director and Chief Mentor of SBM Educational Consultants, Former Director of Ashoka Education Foundation, Former Director of Gyan Ganga Group of Institutions.

Biswajeet Mukherjee is natively from Kolkata (West Bengal), graduated in Maths-Science, acquired Post Graduate degree in Mathematics(Sp. Astronomy), started his career as a Lecturer of Mathematics because of his keen interests towards Literature he obtained a Post Graduate degree in English Literature and later on Master of Philosophy(M.Phil) in English. Mukherjee became the Principal of the School at a very early age (28years). He did his Post Graduate degree in Education.

His deep understanding for Counseling intended him to study the core principal of Guidance and Counseling after which he got the Master degree in Guidance and Counseling. He is also Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Business Management. He is an Auditor for ISO for total quality Management in Education. His passion for different language and Rashtra Bhasa made him through in Hindi. He is a columnist, poet and an author. A man with versatile approach and experience today he is a complete solution providing agency in the field of education.

Started his career as a lecture he worked as a Principal and elevated to the post of Director and CEO of the company. He has been awarded and appreciated by so many Govt. non- Govt. organization for his exemplary qualities and dedication. He has extended his services to many govt organizations as a Resource person and Board members. He has been nominated by renowned school in their managing committee. His core policies and procedures at different level of schooling is always in demand.

Being an educationalist, he has established so many schools and has also published Ideal school manuals and complete system procedure is readily available for implementation. His result oriented approach with stringent Quality assurance is very well known in the education field.


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