Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Akira Software Solutions assists organizations to provide a deeper, visible impact in the minds of their customers, investors and employees. A corporate Identity is essential to be maintained and built as it facilitates the attainment of business objectives for the firm. Our uniquely attractive and creative designs and templates would definitely distinguish you and your products from the rest. We provide the below range of services.

Logo Design

A logo often is the most prominent visual element of a company's, product's, or service's image. The challenge of a properly designed logo is to communicate everything you want to say about your company, product, or service in a simple visual design. Our professional design staff produces custom logos for reasonable prices.

Brochure Design

Brochures and collateral materials are your paper sales force. When no one else is there to represent your company, your marketing materials and brochures speak for you. The big question is: what are they saying about your company? Let us show you how properly designed collateral materials can communicate the right image and effectively convey the advantages your company has to offer.

Catalog Design

Catalogs sell products. We make sure your catalog is selling as much as possible. From proper page layout and product organization, to overall creative design and photography, we create catalogs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also make selection and ordering easy.

Direct Mail

We offer a complete end-to-end direct mail solution. We first work with clients to attain the proper mailing list. Whether it's an in-house list that needs filtering or a purchased list based on specific geographic and demographic criteria, we have the expertise and resources to develop the most effective mailing list for your campaign. We design direct mail pieces for maximum exposure and sales effectiveness, and coordinate the project with our print and fulfillment partners to execute the mailing.

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