Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System is developed in Odoo( formerly Open ERP) and it includes the management of Stock, Accounts and Manufacturing of the Medicines as well as Management of the Doctor's Consultation. The medicines produced in the pharmacy distributed via the retail stores can also be managed by this Pharmacy Management System ERP. Also there is a provision for the management of the Patient's data too.

The Main Modules are:

  • Purchase Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Sale Management
  • Doctor consultation Management

Purchase Management

  • 1. Can generate Quotation request and later convert to purchase order.
  • 2. Can configure the different categories of product.
  • 3. Provisions to check the purchase analysis
  • 4. Suppliers information management.

Manufacturing Management

  • 1. Management of Bill of Materials (BOM) with resource planning (Total Price with BOM)
  • 2. Schedulers organise manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders and reserve products in stock
  • 3. Plan for production with Gantt chart
  • 4. Wastage and Additional production Management (Provision to enter additional and wastage quantity after production process, stocks get updated considering this fields)
  • 5. Cost price of product get updated by calculating price from manufacturing processes

Warehouse Management

  • 1. Multiple internal location management
  • 2. Restrict negative stock updation
  • 3. Warehouse wise Stock Reports

Sale Management

  • 1. Manage and classify your sales orders on a structural and hierarchical system
  • 2. Confirmation of an order can trigger delivery of the goods.
  • 3. Convert the sales order into delivery order

Doctor consultation Management

  • 1. Manage Doctor prescription
  • 2. Prescription linked with billing and stock

Further to this we provide additional customizations based on the requirements from the Client.

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