Student Management

Student Management

A complete record of the student can be managed. Various details with reference to student's parents, health conditions etc can also be captured. The record of students across the years can be maintained, so that we can record the eventual progress of the students academically and non-academically. The student profile is more like a footprint of the student.

Students have secure and management real-time access to the institutions information they need:Easy updateof personal records, access important campus announcements/information online to stay better informed Teacher-student communication improves facilitating a collaborative learning environment

  • Stores all information of the students like academics, personal, health details as well as parent details.
  • Registration/Admission
  • Class, batch, division allotment
  • Hostel allotment
  • Bus allotment
  • Student ID Card with Barcode , RFID, Smart Card
  • Attendance marking
  • Book request
  • Book reservation
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Exam Details
  • Awards, Scholarship details
  • Remarks & Warnings
  • Student Transfer/Leaving Details
  • All personal, academic, professional and history data of a student
  • Sms and email alerts to the students
  • Reports
  • Details-Vaccination Details & Any Previous Illness
  • Bus details
  • Transportation Details Of The Student
  • Events and Activities Of The Student
  • Attendance Register And Percentage calculation
  • Attendance alerts
  • Custom


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